The Very EASIEST WAY To download Videos from YOUTUBE - - It is Magic!

New Secret!

Just Discovered the "Easiest method of downloading videos" from the world famous videos site YouTube and I decided to share it with you all.
But Note:
-You don't need any extra software application .
-You don't need any other weblink.
It is very simple.

1. Simply get the url (address link of the video you want to download)  from your browser's address bar.
-->for example lets assume the video link  is [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdsfffqwe1]

2. Edit the Link with MAGIC
--> By simply inserting magic in between 'you' and 'tube' of the address link.
Like this = [ http://www.youMAGICtube.com/watch?v=sdsfffqwe1 ]

It is like magic...that's it!
Download and enjoy.

Explaining the Love of FOOTBALL ....

Its Years ago now, I was asked to write something in an English class to explain what it is that’s so special about football – no easy task when the majority of the class really weren’t into it and didn’t get what the fuss was all about. This week, with me refusing to go anywhere, I was put in a similar position of trying to explain to a non-football au fait gent (yes, they genuinely exist) what it is about the game that renders me an expletive ranting, hyperactive, nervous-wreck of an individual who refuses to answer the door/phone for at least 90 minutes of each night. Anyway, it reminded me of